Like the same thing we did the past few years, we're going to be setting up after Trail Days. By changing the dates to after Trail Days in Damascus, the number of hikers will be far greater than we had seen in the past.

We're hoping additional people want to come up and join us, for part or all of it, this year. Best would be someone or a group to come up halfway through and resupply us with fresh fruit and supplies, help us give it all away and be free to stay for hiking, backpacking, or biking the famous Creeper Trail to Damascus. With a 4-5 day time frame for Magic there is ample opportunity for you and your friends to come up and help. Trust me - its a LOAD of fun talking to the thru-hikers, and your efforts are appreciated immensely!

Be sure to bring your own chairs and maybe a few more for hikers, extra firewood, grab soime ice from the campground and bring your own camp food.

I will have a 'base camp' set up at this trailhead.

This time span is in the middle of the "Hiker Bubble" of serious thru-hikers. The Annual Trail Days event is held right before we set-up.

Whether we can pull this off this year really depends on what support we can muster, both in donations but more importantly this year with physical help. This is going to be a few weeks after my second knee replacement, and I'll need some help on-site. We already have one person committed to help, Ben from last year, but another would be very helpful, as I might be spending a lot of time in a chair.

2019 Trail Magic Dates:
5/19 5/20 5/21 5/22 5/23 5/24 5/25

You should consider driving up the night before your planned dates, either stay in the Campground 1.7 miles away (Grindstone Campground - see CONTACT PAGE) or discuss crashing at the Trailhead near the Trail Magic Tent. See FAQ's for more information on camping. By staggering the helpers like this we will ensure a steady supply of Fresh Fruits and new goodies. We will be trying to man the Trail Magic from at least 8am until late in the afternoon, and because I plan to camp at the trailhead, I will be attempting to offer early morning coffee and keep it going well into the evening with a campfire and hot drinks - the evening campfire with Thru-hikers is always a blast!

Prior to or after your scheduled dates, we strongly recommend planning to stay over for some of the BEST hiking into Grayson Highlands and to the top of Mt. Rogers to see the wild ponies and wild longhorn steer. The area is riddled with trails for anywhere-you-want camping, or grab a bike rental and shuttle and do the Virginia Creeper Trail, one of the more famous bicycle trails on the East Coast (almost all downhill!).

While my basic Trail Magic setup will certainly be appreciated by hikers, having you come up allows for a wider variety of foods, snacks, fruits and drinks than I can bring up with me. Even if you can only do a day, join us for what will be a fun adventure, offering much appreciated 'stuff' for the thru-hikers... though we don't mind section and weekend hikers from enjoying it either.


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