Other stuff to do while in the area...

DO NOT miss an opportunity to do some day-hiking in Grayson Highlands while right next door to it. We'll be set up on the north side of the Mount Rogers Recreation area, but a short 20 mile drive to the south end puts you in Grayson Highlands and some of the best hiking in Virginia. (That drive puts you right past a restaurant that opens early for Breakfast,too!) I'll help you plan a hike and show some maps of suggested routes. Some of it is on the AT, so you should have plenty of company on the trail, along with day-hikers.

20 miles to the west is the town of Damascus, which for a small fee, you can rent a bike and get a shuttle to the top of Whitetop Mountain for an exhilerating 25 mile bike ride, mostly downhill, back to Damascus. If you've already done this, try the ride from Abingdon to Damascus instead - much the same but a little more pedaling.

Right behind us is the Mount Rogers Recreation area. If you are interested in some great backpacking where you do not need an established campsite - though there are plenty of established sites from years of use - there are many, many miles of trails that you can access right from Grindstone Campground, or the AT trailhead we'll be at.

...or just hang out at Magic for an endless stream of new people, all with stories of the trail, all thankful for the Magic, and most with another 1600 miles ahead of them. Even if you are not assigned on the schedule, you can always hang out with us. Those on a schedule might appreciate a couple hours off. I'm most looking forward to evening camping at this trailhead if any of the thru-hikers elect to crash there overnight... if not, we can zip up the Canopy Tent and go hang out at Grindstone campground where most of you are likely to be staying.

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